Partner with Us

The war against cancer is better fought when we combine our resources. We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with oncologists and surgeons. We invite oncologists to join us in the patient research center to learn about the new mechanisms being tested in agents directly from the laboratory. Various opportunities are available at Mary Crowley for those who want to become more involved in early phase research. For more information, contact 972-566-3000.

Surgeons can play a major role in the further development of our Molecular Registry, which provides knowledge about the types of genomic mutations seen across many patients. This allows us to notify waiting patients when a matching clinical trial is opened for enrollment. It also leads to collaboration with pharmaceutical companies which in turn advances new drug development.  After the patient’s initial cancer surgery, a small portion of their tumor can be sequenced to identify molecular signals that may impact the patient’s treatments after surgery.  Contact Mary Crowley at 972-566-3000 to express your interest and become engaged.