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Groundbreaking Research

From its inception, Mary Crowley Cancer Research has focused on personalized (patient-specific), personalized (cancer-specific) therapeutics as the gateway to cancer control and, ultimately, to a higher probability of cure. In this effort, Mary Crowley has functioned not only as a conduit of state-of-the-art treatment modalities but also as an innovator and contributor to conceptual development and translational applications.

Personalized Medicine

“A refinement of personalized medicine is not just hitting the patient’s cancer target, but knocking out its genomic/biomolecular core: BULLSEYE!”.

Cancer Pathways

“Almost all gene modifications can be classified in one or more of 12 signaling pathways".

Targeted Therapeutics

JAMA Oncology reports statistically significant advantages in response rates between personalized and non-personalized therapies.

Immunotherapy Breakthroughs

Mary Crowley has been soliciting novel Phase I and II immune therapeutics for its patients since 1997.

Gene Mutations

“A recent analysis of 20,000 protein-coding genes derived from 3,284 cancers revealed a total of 294,881 mutations, of which only 125 mutated driver genes were identified, comprising of 71 suppressor genes and 54 oncogenes.”


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