About Mary Crowley Cancer Research


Mary Crowley Cancer Research (MCCR) is an independent, nonprofit oncology research center established in 1997. Founded by Mary C. Crowley, our mission is to bring hope to cancer patients through innovative clinical trials while advancing treatment for patients in the future.

MCCR has conducted 740+ clinical trials for 7400+ patients in collaboration with 291+ different pharmaceutical partners. MCCR is designed, equipped, and staffed for conducting early phase solid tumor and hematology trials, including performing 129+ first-in-human trials.  Outpatient and inpatient hospital support, and a dedicated referral and consult team.  MCCR has completed phase I and phase II, industry funded studies including first-in-human, drug-drug interaction, food effect, bioequivalence, and intensive EKG monitoring studies. This site has experience using gene therapies, cytokines, cytotoxic agents, cellular therapies, small molecules, viral therapies, monoclonal antibodies, antibody drug conjugates, immune therapy, and vaccines.

An Accelerated Approach to Cancer Research


Study Start-Up Patient Population Data
  • 8 - 10 weeks from receipt of final protocol - may be shorter under our Just-in-Time (JIT) program
  • Parallel completion of all startup activities
  • Prompt review/approval - local Institutional Review Board meets weekly
  • Referral base of over 420 oncologists
  • Robust Molecular Registry - reportable for rapid enrollment
  • Outreach team focused on educating community oncologists of trials and their technology
  • 70/70 Successful MQA Audits
  • 6/6 Successful FDA Audits
  • Data team located within clinic to expedite data entry timelines

The Clinic

  • State-of-the-Art, 14,000 square foot clinic located on the campus of Medical City Hospital, Dallas.
  • Dedicated research clinical staff (CRNs, CRC, PharmD, and supporting personnel)
  • 13 infusion chairs
  • Integrated research-only pharmacy
  • BSL II compliant isolation rooms
  • Specialized laboratory processing (including PBMCs)


The Administrative Offices

  • 16,000 square foot administrative office space
  • Dedicated research employees (Finance, Legal, Project Management, Regulatory, IRB, Marketing/Business Development, Leadership)
  • Monitoring suites with high-speed internet access





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Clinical and Administrative Processes

Clinical and Administrative Processes


Alisha Doege, Study Development Manager, and Tina Nghiem, Associate Director, Clinical Trial Development, at

Celebrating 20 Years