Research Pharmacy: Investigational Drug Repository

A key element in conducting clinical cancer research at Mary Crowley is the ability to provide novel testing agents for patients in a carefully controlled environment known as an Investigational Drug Repository (IDR).      

1. Exclusive: Our research pharmacy (IDR) provides services exclusively for clinical trials at Mary Crowley and is equipped to handle oral and IV research agents, including human, bacterial, or viral DNA-based therapies.

2. Ground-breaking: With our focus on targeted and immunotherapies, the staff of Mary Crowley's research pharmacy are often the first to prepare novel agents. This leads to collaboration with the pharmaceutical industry in regard to the preparation of these agents beyond the research setting.

3. Proximity to Patients: Located within our research center, the research pharmacy is capable of providing immediate delivery of agents to patients. This design drastically shortens wait times for patients, as agents are prepared onsite.

4. Record Keeping: Each study has its own drug accountability logs, drug packing lists, correspondence, and protocol. Our research staff tracks investigational agents from the time of receipt to preparation and administration, destruction, or return to the manufacturer.

5. Storage, Safety, and Monitoring: The research pharmacy staff have extensive experience in clean room processes and operates multiple separate Biosafety Cabinets for the preparation of novel molecular therapies. Additionally, they have the expertise, equipment, and information systems to track and monitor extremely low temperatures for the storage of novel DNA-based therapies.