Services Offered at Mary Crowley

To make your cancer journey as easy as possible, we are pleased to offer the following services and resources to you and your caregiver.  You will be provided a personalized navigator, access to our full time social worker and if applicable, you may become a recipient of our Benevolence Program.

Support Services

Personalized Patient Navigation

At Mary Crowley we are committed to alleviating any additional stress, when making your transition onto a clinical research trial. We have established a Personalized Patient Navigation program to ensure your timely access to a clinical trial and to eliminate any barriers that would keep you from continuing on a trial if you are receiving benefit. To meet any financial, logistical, psychosocial or physical challenges, you will be assigned two personal navigators.

Your first personal navigator will be a patient coordinator who will guide you through all the steps necessary to prepare you for enrollment on a clinical trial. They will assist you with the following:

  • Obtaining your full medical record
  • Verifying that your insurance will continue covering your standard of care costs while on a clinical trial
  • Scheduling your consultation with our physician investigator
  • Facilitating the molecular testing of your tumor
  • Explaining a specific clinical trial with you to ensure your understanding of all aspects of the clinical trial and including your written consent for participation
  • Pre-screening and ordering specific diagnostic tests, if necessary, to determine your eligibility for a trial and subsequent enrollment
  • Evaluating your financial and support needs for the clinical trial; including but not limited to travel, hotel, and insurance co-pays.

Your second personal navigator will be a clinical research nurse who will guide you through your care while on a clinical trial. Your clinical research nurse will assist you with the following:

  • Scheduling appointments around your schedule
  • Monitoring your compliance with clinical trial requirements
  • Communicating with your referring physician about your progress 
  • Answering any questions about your clinical trial, including side-effects
  • Coordinating with Mary Crowley Social Services, for needed support
  • Assisting in resolution of side effects
  • Arranging any necessary diagnostic tests 
  • Evaluating any unresolved social or financial problems

Our Personalized Patient Navigation Program at Mary Crowley Cancer Research is designed to be personal and to make your experience as positive as possible.

Mary Crowley Social Worker

The on-staff Social Worker at Mary Crowley Cancer Research is dedicated to supporting both you and your caregiver throughout your cancer journey at Mary Crowley.

The Social Worker assesses your needs and those of your caregiver and is readily available to assist in multiple areas, including:

  • Emotional support
  • Outside referrals to counselors
  • Cancer Support Groups
  • Assistance with financial needs
  • Outside referrals to care providers
  • Assistance with lodging
  • Assistance with transportation needs
  • Support for caregiver needs
  • Help with home care services

For more information, please contact 972-566-3000 or email us at

Blessing Others Benevolence Program

Cancer patients often suffer financial hardship due to the loss of income, uninsured medical expenses and other cancer-related burdens. Patients can face heartbreaking choices between pain medication, food or rent.

In order to bring the latest cancer treatment options to as many cancer patients as possible, Mary Crowley created the Blessing Others Benevolence Program. The Benevolence Program helps patients with demonstrated financial need defray some of the cost of care. Patients may apply to receive funds for medication, tests and scans, transportation, lodging, and other cancer-related expenses. Without this support, these patients would not be able to participate in clinical trials and receive novel therapies that could extend their life expectancy.

For more information, please contact 972-566-3000 or email us at