Mary Crowley Cancer Research Adds Ed Marx to Board of Directors

Mary Crowley Cancer Research Adds Ed Marx to Board of Directors

Mary Crowley Cancer Research Adds Ed Marx to Board of Directors

Mary Crowley Cancer Research (MCCR) announced today the addition of Edward Marx to their Board of Directors. Marx currently also serves as Chief Executive Officer of Divurgent, a solutions provider focused on what matters most to their client partners.

Prior to Divurgent, Marx served as Chief Digital Officer (CDO) for Tech Mahindra Health and Life Sciences, a $6B digital transformation company. Prior to that role, Marx was the global Chief Information Officer at Cleveland Clinic. Prior to joining Cleveland Clinic, Marx served as CIO for The Advisory Board/NYC Health & Hospitals, Texas Health Resources and University Hospitals. Concurrent with his healthcare career, Marx served 15 years in the Army Reserve as a combat medic and combat engineer officer.

Marx is the author of five books including the 2019 healthcare bestseller, “Voices of Innovation” and the 2020 bestseller, “Healthcare Digital Transformation; How Consumerism, Technology and Pandemic are Accelerating the Future.” Marx is currently writing a book for the Mayo Clinic on “Patient Experience.”

Marx received his Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a Master of Science in Design, Merchandising, and Consumer Sciences from Colorado State University. Marx is currently active on Boards, writing books and speaking globally.

“Ed brings a passion for improving cancer care along with a strong background in using technology to bring about a ‘digital transformation’ in healthcare. [Mary Crowley CEO,] Jon Friedenberg and I are excited about Ed's passion and his ability to contribute to us as we begin to explore our expansion opportunities,” stated Roy Lamkin, Chairman of MCCR Board of Directors.

Marx was voted upon and approved as an addition to the MCCR Board of Directors at their August 24, 2022, Board meeting and will attend his first meeting in November 2022.

About Mary Crowley Cancer Research
Mary Crowley Cancer Research is a specialized clinical research center in Dallas, Texas that offers access to new investigational therapies through the administration of Phase I and II clinical trials. The mission of Mary Crowley Cancer Research is to bring HOPE to cancer patients through innovative clinical trials while advancing treatment globally for all patients in the future. The MCCR approach is to rapidly advance the discovery of potential new therapies and positively impact the care of cancer patients in their lifetime.

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