Carley Rutledge

Carley Rutledge

Carley Rutledge's Story

"Having the treatment option of a vaccine therapy when my cancer returned allowed me to have my freshman year of college and the hope of many years to come." 

- Carley Rutledge


“Our daughter, Carley, was a healthy, athletic 15 year old, when she was diagnosed with Stage IV Ewing sarcoma in April of 2010 after experiencing months of pain in her hip.  Since surgery was not an option for her, she immediately began the next 11 months of intensive treatments - 14 rounds of chemotherapy and 43 days of radiation.  After enjoying her senior year cancer-free, a tumor was found in her lung shortly before her graduation.  With few options remaining, our family searched all over for a potentially more effective treatment.  That search led us to Mary Crowley.  Carley participated in a personalized vaccine clinical trial for Ewing sarcoma, and after eight monthly vaccines, Carley is characterized as having stable disease which allowed her to attend and complete her freshman year of college!  We are beyond grateful to Mary Crowley’s commitment to finding better cancer treatment - especially in the often forgotten population of young adults.”

- Laura Rutledge, mother of Carley Rutledge


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